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Naim Uniqute 2 vs Cyrus Streamline 2

After many faithful years I've decided to change my current system (Cyrus cd7q-Cyrus 8vs-Cyrus PSXR-Ruark Accoustic Prelude 2) as I find I'm rarely listening to cd's anymore and are now using Spotify for the bulk of my listening.

Do either the Naim or Cyrus streamers support Spotify and if not are then any ways to play Spotify via them.

i prefer the look of the Naim unit and will be keeping my Ruark speakers to start with but is these man enough to drive them.

The budget is going to be tight as the sale of my current system will hopefully be paying the bulk of the new unit.


Please help as I'm a bit stuck on this at the moment.

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Network Players

My advice is to compare both and also listen to a Linn DS, which imo is better than either. It also allows you access to Spotify. http://www.linn.co.uk/support/using-your-system/stream-online-music-and-movies

I also believe they are about to release new firmware that will give even easier connectivity to Spotify.

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Naim doesn't access Spotify.

Naim doesn't access Spotify. Don't think Cyrus does either.
Who does out of interest?

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