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Best media player/ streamer?

Hi Guys,

Could I have your advice on which Media Player to buy?
I currently have a WD TV Live which I am quite happy with the functions although it has broken down 3 times, so I would like to try something new.

The player has to have following functions:

- Analog Audio out

- Resume video function and able to jump to certain time in movies



- DLNA  Stream from QNAP

Thanks  alot





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If I was buying one for

If I was buying one for myself I'd probably get the A.C.Ryan playon!hd mini3 3D


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RE: Best media player/ streamer?

You can buy simple PC or miniPC with hdmi, connect it to TV. Install on PC xbmc media server. it is wonderful software

1) you can use media form hdd ot stream it from internet

2) you can watch movies, listen music or watch pictures. You can use TV as picture frame  :grin:

3) xbmc has plugin store, you can configure it as you want 

4) xbmc have UpNP\DLNA 

5) it have own protocol and you can find great remote control apps on app strore or google market

6) you can integrate it to smart home software such as iridium mobile, command fusion, pronto, irule etc

7) you can install xbmc on every OS(Windows, Linux, OSX)

Dirol Many skins  Smile

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