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Joni Mitchell Remasters

Some time ago (2007?) there was talk about 2-CD remasters of classic Joni Mitchell albums Court and Spark, Hissing of Summer Lawns, Hejira, etc but they have never appeared. Have they? I have searched high and low and found a string of references to them on an American AV site which showed several fans (like myself) getting very excited about improved sound, second CD of outtakes etc etc. 


Anyone out there know what happened. I have a vinyl copy of C&S ruined by too many six-form parties and a first-gen CD which does not do it justice.  I would love to find better copies of all of her pre-Geffen stuff. 

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RE: I remember when...

Yes those releases sound very tantalising!


Im trying to find out were I can hear the full length Geffen Outakes version of "Two Grey Rooms" one of my fave Joni songs (I Think it was originally called "song without words".....would love to hear that song as she originally recorded it!Smile





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RE: I remember when...

No, I haven`t heard anything about these but I shall certainly have a search around for any news. Gawd, I`ve only just finished buying the Survivor remasters and have yet to buy all the Queen remasters. Part of me is hoping they will be delayed a while longer!

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