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Wharfedale sw150 or mj acoustics pro ll

I am looking to add a sub and need some advice as to what others would recommend.

i have Yamaha Rx v673, monitor audio rs6 fronts, rslcr centre and rxfx rears.

budget of £300



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RE: Wharfedale sw150 or mj acoustics pro ll

Have you considered BK Electrics? For £15 more than your budget you could get the XLS200 which I believe is meant to be excellent. It has a pretty huge amplifier at 275W and is a sealed box design so is nice and punchy. Available if forward or downward firing.


Link for forward firing.


I've got a SW150 which certainly has plenty of "bang for the buck". It manages to rattle the radiator on the opposite side of the room if the amp is turned up high enough.

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