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Philips CinemaOne CTS4000 - Any Good?



I've seen the above all-in-one system for sale for £100 in Cash Generators and wondered if anyone knew if it was any good? I'm after a home cinema system/upgrade of my TV's built-in speakers as they're a little weak, I have a Panasonic 37" TH-37PX80B plasma TV.

My living room is about 14x11 feet in size with the TV in the corner so I'm not sure if that's considered a standard-size room or a small room. I know the Philips is designed for small rooms. I don't really have anywhere to put the rear speakers for a full 5.1 set up and don't want cables running across the floor or mess about trying to dig up the carpet to hide them underneath, so I thought this might be a good solution.

Has anyone had any experience with the CinemaOne, I can't find any reviews of it online.


Thanks for any help.