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Boston Acoustics ASW650 Subwoofer?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Boston Acoustics ASW650 subwoofer & if so is it any good?

Reason being i'm after replacing my Paradigm PDR-10 sub having had it now for over 13 years, it has been very reliable & is still working well, but i think an upgrade may be in order. Although I’m in the market, the replacement has a couple of constraints.

1. Must be forward firing or of the closed box type

2. Size wise Height max 380mm, Width max 370mm, Depth max 400mm

Budget is a max of £400 & I will happily look at the 2nd hand market.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, you can see my partnering kit below. I don’t know that i would be struck by a Dali Sub to match the rest of my system though as they don’t seem to get such good reviews. Undecided



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