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AV receiver, speakers and cable advice


I am about to set up a home cinema system and would appreciate a spot of advice on appropiate kit for my room and budget.  The room is 6.8m long and 5.2m wide with a 2.4m high ceiling.  It is a lounge/diner with 2 fireplaces so very limited on where to position everything.  There is also a 2yr-old boy running about so surround speakers will have to be wall-mounted (says the missus!).  I'm thinking about the Onkyo TX-NR515 based on its review and am undecided on either Tannoy HTS-101 speakers or Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 pack.  Also, the carpet is being replaced so would like to hide the surround speaker cables, probably around the edges rather than straight across, but this means I need about 15-16m of cable for each surround and it will have to cope with lots of 90 degree bends around edges of fireplaces, alcoves and doorways!  Budget is about £700, give or take.

Can anyone advise on whether the amp is suitable, which are the more appropriate speakers, and the best speaker cable for the job?


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RE: AV receiver, speakers and cable advice

My advice would be to have a listen to your selections at your local av store,also many are offering some great deals on system packages which if you push them would inc speaker cable(you will need HDMI lead/s as well remember) so your choices should be based on what you like the sound of best for your budget,not based on reviews.Speaker cable doesn't need to be expensive,certainly no more than £4pm Smile

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RE: AV receiver, speakers and cable advice

You will haev no issues with the amp and the Tannoy pack is very stong in performance and build quality. Speaker cable is easily hidden under carpet. We use Black Rhodium T50 for this and it works a treat. Chord Campana is another that is discreet and should fit between the gripper and the skirting board.

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