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2 or 3 channel power amp? Emotiva or NAD?


 I have the following setup:

2X B&W 683 as fronts

1x B&W HTM62 as a center

No surrounds or sub yet - will come slightly later

Yamaha RXV765 with preouts

I'm looking for a power amp to power those 683 in fronts which needs 150 to 200 W (and it shows... I used to play a NAD C355 and even though it was nice, at a certain volume, things were getting ugly).  The Yamaha is definitely not up for the job, but I knew that, I bought it as an up-to-date AV receiver with pre-outs.

I settled for two different setups:

Emotiva XPA-3 (3x 200W for center and fronts) - 599$

NAD C272 (yes, the old one, I found some brand new with warranty) for 525$

The Emotivas are supposed to be neutral, not changing the sound.  (the Yahama does actually sound harsh in the highs compared to the NAD).  The NAD, as most of you knows, sounds more "away", more subtle and when listening to acoustic music, it is superb.  I sadly can't test the Emotivas.

Question is: if I take the NAD, will the center channel sound completely different when listening to movies? (the music will be listened from the two fronts solely, so no problem there).  Also, would the Emotiva XPA-3 be a better bet, it has huge power, 5 year warranty and superb reviews, and since it powers the center speaker as well, all would be powered equally with a similar tone.

What do you experts/enthusiats think?