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RE: In no particular orderArcam

BigH wrote:

eggontoast wrote:
In no particular order Arcam Alpha II,5,7,8,9 & 10 Arcam A65,A75,A80,A85 Arcam Delta 290 NAD 3020,3130, 3150, 3240PE,3100PE, C315BEE, C370,C372,C350, C340, C320BEE Audiolab 8000A Cambridge Audio P25II,P50,P110 Myryad T40 Cyrus I,II,III Audio Inovations Alto Pioneer SA-720,610,7800,606,A400,708,5500 MKII Marantz PM-52 Rotel RA-01,02 Lecson Quattra Sony TA-F411R, F442E Creek 4040,4240,6060 Sansui AU-101 A&R A60 Musical Fidelity A1,A100 Onix OA20/2 QED A240SA and a few more which I can't remember off the top of my head.


Out of interest, why did you buy so many differents amps?

What can I say.....I have an amp fetish !

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RE: What Amps have you had?

Kenwood KA-3500

Sansui AU-X711

Harman Kardon HK 990

Ayre AX-7E

Densen DM-20 & DM-30

Now I have active speakers


Sold the Ayre because my girlfriend didn't like the look and I always wanted to try the Densen amps, but the Ayre amp was easiky the best amp I've owned. Very clean, detailed & dynamic sound.

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RE: What Amps have you had?

Phew, this is an excercise in memory as much as anything ! Lets see -

1st amp was a Sony, all I can remember it was gold and shiny and sounded sw-eet.

Arcam Alpha 7

Naim Pre/Power

Sansui AU-999

Pioneer SA-Something or other

Musical Fidelity B200

Rega Brio 3


MIniwatt N3

and my current amp is a Pioneer SA-500a (back to old skool)


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RE: What Amps have you had?

In purchase order (roughly):

Cambridge Audio A1 mk3 se

Arcam A65+ (meh)

NAD 310

Leak Stereo 30+

Exposure 7 pre (still got and love)

Exposure 8 power (as above)

NAD 3020i

World Audio Designs KEL84 (valvey loveliness, regret selling)

NAD C315bee.  Musical but power supply hummed.

Rotel RA-02 (still got)

Arcam Alpha 7r (more meh)

Onix OA21 - should have kept instead of Rotel

Getting A&R A60 tomorrow. Looking forward to it.





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