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Technics RS-BX501

Went to a Car Boot sale / Market Fair today, was just wondering around and all of a sudden below me on a dusty floor in front of me was this Cassette deck, anyway I asked how much it was and it was £5 but I managed to haggle them down to £3. SO I jumped on it and bought it and it's fantastic, and the best part is it matches my Technics SL-PG570A.

So what a bargain today folks, on the way home I noticed there was a cassette in it so we had bets on the way home as too what it could be, we all guessed wrong as it was a Helter Skelter new monkey tape  :S (Not my kinda thing).

I'm pleased with my find, the deck was hosted in some kind of PA Rack mount case which has now been removed and the deck now sits proud in my unit.


Thought I'd share - will be gouing to the car boot sale again see what other goodies can be found.

So watch out for my Akai HX-M659W appearing on ebay with the PA Rack Mount, virtually giving them away.