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Technics A900mk2 right channel cutting out

Hi Everyone,

I have just purchased a second hand Technics A900mk2 which I am very happy with. It was working perfectly for a week until recently the right channel would be very quiet/distorted until the amp warms up and gradually works fine. Sometimes it would suddenly come back when I turn the volume knob.

I have been connecting it directly to my laptop's audio jack.

Any ideas why it does that?

Many thanks for any suggestions!


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RE: Technics A900mk2 right channel cutting out

That sounds like a worn-out volume control.

I had a similar issue with mine. I popped the lid and the entire pcb holding the volume pot had 'unclipped' itself from its mountings. A gentle snap back into place and all is good...

You could check this, but my reckoning is you'd need to get the volume looked at. The pots don't last forever- although it may just need a clean!

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RE: Technics A900mk2 right channel cutting out

Thanks! I was worried the whole amp is dieing, I will try to clean the pot!

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RE: Technics A900mk2 right channel cutting out

It could be a dodgy laptop plug or interconnect? Try to see if this happens with other source. Also try to use other input on the amp too, in case one of the input relays is sticking.

Also the volume on the amp is motorised so it may be trickier to clean.

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