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Speaker upgrade
Hi, I am looking for some upgrade advice. My present system comprises a Marantz CD17 KI  signiture cd player, Linn Kairn pre-amp, two Linn lk280 power amps,Linn spark power supply, Linn Keilidh speakers, and Chord company speaker cable and interconnects. I want to upgrade my speakers and your advice would be appreciated. I am looking for a more detailed dynamic sound, but would like to stick with floor standers. I listen to mainly Rock and new age music.My budget is approx. £1000-£1500. Your suggestions would be gratefully received. Steve2
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Re: Speaker upgrade

Well, there's an argument that Linn speakers and Linn amps work together especially well, but personally I'd have a listen to the PMC FB1+ speakers, which I think will deliver what you want.

But then using a full PMC surround rig at home, and another in one of our listening rooms, I would say that, wouldn't I? 

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Re: Speaker upgrade

I had the opportunity to listen to some linn equipment the other week with a pair of Totem Forest speakers, and was totally  blown away by the dyanmics and detail. maybe a little too detailed for some though....



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