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Roksan kandy MkIII Cdp's polarizing reviews

Hi, I am a newcomer in this forum. I have owned the roksan cd player for nearly 2 years and loving it but i came to realise that opinions on the cdp aren't all good. It's like 50/50. I never find it too bright nor harsh and it sounds better than marantz cd 5001 , cd 6000 ose, cd7300,  arcam cd73 and the rotel 02 . I never compare it to cyrus but i had heard of a cyrus setup and didn't have a good impression ( I dislike its treble). I know that every gear in hifi has its own lovers and haters but this roksan kandy mkIII has especially polarizing reviews. Some praise it to the heaven and there are some who thinks the cdp is the worst in its price range. I can't understand the polarization of opinions. My opinion of roksan Kandy MKIII is that its neutral, realistic and abit on the bright side yet smooth. Another cd player i like is creek cd50mkII but it's price is beyond my reach,

Btw I usually use listen to headphones. My setup is Grado Rs1/Akg 701- Headamp GS-1


Sometimes i listen to speakers as well Wharfadale diamond 9.1 Onkyo A-9555 . Interconnect is Silveraudio

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Re: Roksan kandy MkIII Cdp's polarizing reviews

Its what you think that matters. i heard one recently and thought it was quite good. It did not have the detail of the Arcam cd73 though.

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Re: Roksan kandy MkIII Cdp's polarizing reviews

Down to taste. Love mine. Didn't like the CD73. Just what works for you in the kit you have. Love the Kandy build too - blows everything else at the price out of the water.

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Re: Roksan kandy MkIII Cdp's polarizing reviews

Everything polarises otherwise we'd all end up with a Matsui micro and dealers would go out of business.



System: Unison Research Unico CDE with upgraded DAC, Leema Tucana 2, Kudos Cardea C2, AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Young Guru, Beyerdynamic MMX102iE.

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