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Old Listener ----Old Gear

Having listened to CD's for the last few years I decided to re-listen to several hundred LPs (jazz + proper vocals

Fitzgerald,Sinatra etc.)

     I have bought myself a Rega P3 Turntable to add to a Pioneer A400 Amp. + Mission 780 SE speakers. I

have been somewhat disappointed with the result. Like myself the Amp is a bit long in the tooth. Is there a

'' fix'' ? If a new amp is recommended, please be careful how many 0's are present in the price. I am still

waiting for my ship/lottery to come in..

              Poor Mick

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Re: Old Listener ----Old Gear

In what way were you disappointed? What are you standing the Rega on?

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Re: Old Listener ----Old Gear

I'm with cattytown: youve got the system I owned as a lad... it was brilliant then, and I reckon it would still cut some mustard today. You sure the Rega doesn't just need a new cartridge?!

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