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New Primare Pair, Need Wires & Speakers, Any Thoughts?

Just bought the primare i30 amp and CD31. All i need now is the Speakers and Wires to conect it all up.

Speakers, maybe floorstanders but open to options, buget around £2000 for the lot. many thanks.


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Re: New Primare Pair, Need Wires & Speakers, Any Thoughts?

Wow, nice system. That Primare pairing is a serious slab of stereo!

In our Best Buys section, we partner thesed Award-winning electronics with a third gong-holder, the ProAc Studio 140 speakers (£1440). A superb sonic match...though not everyone likes the look of them.

If it's standmounts you're after, you are spoilt for choice within your budget. We did a Group Test of @£1500 standmounts back in our May issue and all four we tested won five stars - unprecendented, and indicative of the quality out there.
The eventual winner was the Wilson Benesch Square One (£1500), which punch well above their weight.

The other stars in that test were Dali's Mentor 2 (£1400 - very full bodied and lively); ATC's SCM19 (£1500 - incredibly revealing, if ruthless); and the B&W's 805s (£1600 - our previous best-in-class all-rounders, before the Square Ones came along). If you go for any of these standmounters, remember to budget for a decent pair of stands - the £200 Partington Superdreadnoughts would be ideal

Re cables - we've just done a test of Stereo Interconnects (September issue, out July 23rd), but I don't have that to hand at home. I know we were very impressed by some of the newer higher-end cables. As for speaker cable - something along the lines of QED's X-Tube XT400 or Ecosse's Reference ES4.45 should do the trick.

Happy auditioning...

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