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new hifi micro system

I'm after a new micro sytem for bedroom, have looked at the onkyo cs-515dab & some teac's but am short on space ( it will have to live on a shelf) so thought might go for the pure dmx 60, has anybody got one, what are they like, thought might upgrade its speakers to the q acoustics 1020 again, short of space so no tannoy f1 custom or wharfdale diamond 9.1 ( to big) am newbie to hifi scene so any help on deciding would be appreciated.


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Re: new hifi micro system

Superfi have the Yamaha CRXM170 DAB Micro System at £150 including delivery, without speakers, former award winner. You could easily add speakers of your choice!

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Re: new hifi micro system

Superb spot, MOOK.

I'd definitely opt for the Yamaha, which is a superb system. Gives you cash for a decent speaker upgrade...We've got a test of budget speakers in our current, August issue.

We gave four stars to the Pure, and it's great if you want features like the ability to record to SD card. The Yamaha - especially at this price - will offer more performance-per-pound, however.

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Re: new hifi micro system

Yeh have had a look at the yamaha but toooo long its 359mm long the shelf where system is going only 290mm, dont want it to stick out over end, which is why the onkyo cs515 & teac's ive looked at are no good & why am looking at the pure with q acoustics 1020 speakers.

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