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RE: NAD D7050

Cypher wrote:

ErwinC wrote:

 I suspect the 3020 and 7050 are identical soundwise bit only differ in features.

I doubt they sound the same Erwin. The 7050 uses the direct digital technology and the 3020 doesn't. I think the 7050 will sound better.......but I don't know that for sure of course.

Has the D7050 enough power ? Enough power to drive the Concept 20 speakers well ?


For me it has enough power.

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RE: NAD D7050

Anyone else heard this new mini digital amplifier? How does it stand against big analog amps. Is it powerful enough? Can you connect two subwoofers to it?

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RE: NAD D7050

There will be a review in the next 'Audio' magazine (german). They liked the D3020 a lot but still not as much as the dutch review.


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RE: NAD D7050

Yes, with 50w at 4ohms, the 7050 does not seem more powerful than the 3020, but maybe NAD seemed to sacrifice additional power with the additional streaming gubbins.

It doesn't bode well in the value for money stakes then - unless a review reveals otherwise/that it can handle speakers with ease.

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Decent amp

Spent about an hour with this at ssav the other day with B&W cm1, PMC Db1 and Kef R100 speakers, comparing it to a Naim Uniqute.

Great amp that doesn't strain with a fuller, more powerful sound than the naim. It didn't have the pace of the naim though - this could have been down to speakers in part.

I didn't feel any of the above got the best out of the amp and that maybe a dynaudio or similar could have done a better job.

For a nice, smooth all round listen it is worth trying out with the CM1's if that's what your after - I wanted something a little more engaging.

AirPlay is awesome on the NAD - connects to spotify in extreme mode and sounds great - the Naim by comparison was a pain but this could be solved with an airport express. As a one box solution for an iPad user I don't see anything else on the market that can touch this right now and will most prob buy it - would love to hear of any other alternatives.

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RE: NAD D7050

The D7050 uses the same Direct Digital amplification platform as it's big brother, the NAD C390DD - so output wattage is unaffected by speaker load, so it 50wpc into 4 or 8 ohms and it will even drive 2 ohm speakers without a problem. The amplification on the 7050 is all done in the digital domain and amplified at the speaker outputs whereas the NAD D3020 is more traditional in that the digital signal is processed by the DAC and then sent to "traditional" class D amplifiers. 


Two very different beasts...

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RE: NAD D7050

hi everyone,


am currently considering bying the NAD D 7050, especially for it's versatility.

What do you consider a good set of speakers to match? Am thinking of the LS50 or B&W 685 S2. Is it imperative to use stands (brand?). Would like my system to take up as little space as possible.

Would like to buy Synology to stream my music? Any thoughts?


Thank you for your feedback.

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RE: NAD D7050 has Spotify Connect

Couldn't help twigging this when I looked at NAD's website today, that the D7050 now has Spotify Connect.

It's a pretty well-featured product already, with UPNP server facilities, Airplay, Apt-X Bluetooth and app-based control options.  The "Perfect Pitch" feature which uses DSP to match the amp to two PSB speakers (the Imagine Mini and the Imagine T) seems an interesting feature in theory at least.

But Spotify-wise, the NAD can now be added to the small but gradually growing list of stereo amps that have it built in:

Marantz MCR610

Yamaha R-N500

NAD D7050

However it works in practice, you have to congratulate NAD for its forward-thinking approach: rather than churning out more of the same old, they genuinely seem to be trying to produce something that matches how many people are listening to music these days.

From previous posts on this thread, it seems that the D7050 is known for a smooth sound that needs peppy speakers to get the best out of it.  Anyone have experience with speakers that seemed to suit well?


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RE: NAD D7050

Having just got a NAD D 7050 (2 x 50 W @ 4 ohms), and still having my Rotel RA-05 (2 x 40 w @ 8 ohms), I can honestly say that the NAD can only drive my Focal.JMlab Chorus 714s (8 ohm impedance) at about half of the volume that the Rotel manages. I suspect bass response is negatively affected too.


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