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NAD C 525BEE vs Marantz CD 5001 vs NAD C 521BEE

Hello! I need your help to decide which CD player can be better choice for my NAD C520BEE amp. The NAD C525BEE cd player got only 3stars in WH magazine review, but I suppose it can not be so bad(average), because the old NAD C521BEE cd player got 5stars earlier in WH review. What is your experience with NAD C525BEE player vs. old NAD C521BEE vs Marantz CD 5001? Is there a big difference? I prefer smooth( not harsh at top end) but dinamic sounding hifi players. Thank you for your opinion

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Re: NAD C 525BEE vs Marantz CD 5001 vs NAD C 521BEE

I never heard the 525 - but between 521BEE and cd 5001, both are roll off at the top end so they wouldn't sound harsh, Dynamicly Nad have the edge but not by much. They are great and cheaper alternative to the, ever so poppular in here, "Cambridge Audio 640c V2".

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