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Monitor Audio BX2 vs B&W 601 s3 / 602 s3

Hie there 

One of my 601 s2 tweeter stoped working therefore Im thinking of changing my fronts. I really like the sound , crispy detailed, would love to have a bit bigger soundstage.

My setup is an really budget one:  2.1

amp: thompson DPL2000 scenium

sub: yamaha YST W005

fronts: B&W 601 s2

rear Wharhedale 8.1

center: paired Boston HD5 (I know it should be a proper center but having them ... I used them instead)

As I wrote its a budget setup and I really would like to upgrade my front specially when one speaker is working on 50% due to broken tweeter.

Can you advice please what speakers would do best in my case as a fronts?

for music I normaly use 2.1 so mega bass and low end is not as important, I would appriciate much more bigger soundstage  

and midrange details and crispy hights.


room is 2.8m x 4m


thankn you.


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RE: Monitor Audio BX2 vs B&W 601 s3 / 602 s3

There's a good chance your 601S2 can be repaired. I'd be really surprised if B&W don't keep spares. If you fancy a change you could try B&W's 685s or if those are too expensive, Monitor Audios BX2 will work well. It's well worth getting a matching centre too, if funds allow. It'll make a big improvement.

Ketan Bharadia

Technical Editor,  What Hi-Fi? 

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RE: Monitor Audio BX2 vs B&W 601 s3 / 602 s3

Thanks for reply


As I wrote earlier I normally use 2.1 and 5.1 is just for movies and concerts which doesn’t happens a lot so mainly i prefer to concentrate more on 2.1


That’s a thing having 601 s2 even if they are broken I could sell them for £50-60 , the only "shop" I found who could do a repair is technosound by London and they will replace tweeter for £45, so its about £50 for repair or selling them for about £50-60 and I can spend max £150 not including this potential money for speakers I got now. I know that if I wanted upgrade speakers and be really positively surprised with sound quality improvement I would need to spend at least double, so question is what to do Smile try to hunt some bargain on eBay like 601s3 or buy add some more $ and buy bx2 ?  or maybe repair my old 601s2. Or maybe other speakers could do a good job within budget any thoughts?

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RE: Monitor Audio BX2 vs B&W 601 s3 / 602 s3

B&W Spares & Repairs service is superb, give them a call and you can order the part with a card over the phone and have it delivered. Just do the replacement yourself, I replaced the mid/bass driver in mine and it was a doddle, I’ve no experience it was just common sense. That was about £60, I think the tweeter will only be about £15 or so.


I don’t see the point in spending money on a sideways step, either fix them or make a proper upgrade.

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RE: Monitor Audio BX2 vs B&W 601 s3 / 602 s3

ON technosound wesite they says:


At B&W's request we are no longer able to supply spare parts directly to end users.

You may bring your faulty speaker to us for our in store repair service

or alternatively contact your nearest dealer




So I need to contact B&W spare service directly to clarify that.

by the way I tried to find some quide how to replace tweeter on 601 s2 but cant figure out even how to unscrew it! driver is simple byut what about tweeter? 

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RE: Monitor Audio BX2 vs B&W 601 s3 / 602 s3


If you can sell your current speakers why not buy another pair of 602s3 and matching centre, there are loads on ebay and an excellent speaker.

Just a thought, good luck.

eg http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/B-W-DM602-S3-Speakers-Sorrento-/200848340339?pt=UK_AudioVideoElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_HiFiSpeakers&hash=item2ec37e7573

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RE: Monitor Audio BX2 vs B&W 601 s3 / 602 s3

Smile Easy to replace the tweeter.


Remove the front fixing bolts from mid speaker and unhook speaker wires, reach in with hand and twist the tweeter out of its retaining frame (its  not fixed with any bolts) swop the tweeter and reverse the process. Job done in 10 mins. cost approx £30.00 from B&W if they are still supplying spares on line.



Phil Harrison

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