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Marantz amplifier : advice

I have a Marantz SR-47 amplifier (with a Marantz CD-38 compact disc player) which I bought about 8-9 years ago.

I just bought top of the range Sennheiser headphones (HD 650) (US$370).
My main interest is classical music.

Now I would like to know what level of quality is my amplifier (I can't find any info on the net), in order to know how much I am limiting quality of the sound of the headphones.

Would someone  in the forum kindly help me.

PS I have the technical specifications of the amplifier if one needs them to answer me.

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Re: Marantz amplifier : advice

Haven't heard that amp myself. How much did it cost you at that time?

Since you seem to be using the headphones a lot, may I also suggest you to forget that amp and go for a dedicated phono amp?

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Re: Marantz amplifier : advice

Think ranjeetrain means a dedicated Headphone amp, Project, Musical Fidelity, Creek and Sugden being just some of those who make dedicated ones. I have a Sugden Headmaster with my Grados and love it, however judging by things I have read on these and other forums, some brands of amp seem to work particularly well with some brands of headphones.

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Re: Marantz amplifier : advice

Regarding the price of the amplifier, I am nearly ashamed to say because it was rather cheap.
I bought it together with Marantz CD 38 and simple Jensen speakers for the equivalent of US$ 1000 - that was about 9 years ago.

Regarding headphone amp, I shall look up the subject on the net. Then if I have any questions I shall ask. Thank you.

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Re: Marantz amplifier : advice

It's me again.
I see that headphone amplifiers boost the volume with or without an increase in quality.
In my case, my Sennheiser HD 650 phones play very loudly ; I use a significantly lower volume on the amplifier for them.

Anyway, if possible I want to keep the amp. Also I read about how the Vibrapod Isolators can make a big improvement to my CD player. I am considering ordering them.
However, I am still interested to know how good or bad my amp is.

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