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Confused Bluetooth / Sonos / New docking Station????!!!!!!

Hi,  :wall:

I was thinking of buying a Sony cmt-bt60w (CD / Bluetooth / IPOD dock) which costs £220 but not sure that sound quality is that great, I was also then alerted to possiblities of Sonos 1...

Basically I want to be able to connect my laptop / iphone wirelessly to get a decent listening experience, whilst being able to play CDs as sound quality superior than MP3s...

(I currently own a Panasonic SA-PM20 CD Stereo System about 15 years old. I also own a Klipsch i-groove speaker dock.)

Can bluetooth receivers give me this or is the quality not great? 

Whats my best and economical solution??  :wall: :quest:

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There isn't a line in on the

There isn't a line in on the Sonos Play 1 (or Play 3), so you won't be to connect a CD player.
If you rip your CDs to the laptop, you're fine, also you can play anything on your iPhone direct on a Sonos

The Play 1 currently comes with a free bridge, which is needed if you won't be plugging the 1 into your router.

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