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Cambridge Audio 340 series

Hi there!

I haven't seen a test of the Cambridge Audio 340 series in your magazine. And of course I'm curious how it compares to price comparable (one box?) systems.

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Re: Cambridge Audio 340 series

Good point - I haven't seen a review for this series either. I have listened to the amp though and it sounded pretty good for the price - a clean, safe sound, with restrained top end - but nothing spectacular about it... Maybe a proper review would prove me wrong though... Smile

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Re: Cambridge Audio 340 series

We're still working on getting the kit out of Cambridge Audio - they're not keen on us testing it (you can infer from that what you will). If they don't budge soon, I may have to take the WHF credit card and go for an outing to Richer Sounds....

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Re: Cambridge Audio 340 series

 A good thing, I only asked about the cheapest model? Wink

Is the exclusive distribution of Cambridge Audio in the UK the only tie between Richer Sounds and Cambridge Audio?

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