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Zeppelin air sound problem

3 years ago i bought the original B&W zeppelin. i was blown away by its sound quality. it always got me emotionfull everytime i used it, it sounded superb. untill one day i had a party and cranked up the volume for a long while. it is not untill the next day that i felt that something with the sound was wrong: the mids and treble were muffled and the bass covered most of the sound. i therefore decided to give it to a friend, aiming to buy the zeppelin air. before doing so, i went to the retailer and showed him my original zeppelin, and i compared the sound to another zeppelin he had. his sounded better(as it should). i also took it to another expert who performed several tests on my zeppelin and concluded it had nothing wrong whatsoever.(which is strange). anyway, i decided to by the zepp air and sold mine to a friend.  once i used my new zeppelin air, i wasnt really satisfied with the sound(which is also strange since the claims are"imrpoved sound over the original) , also the second expert told me not to buy the Air saying that the original sounded better. but i wasnt convinced and bought the zepp air.

i think the sound is too reined in as it doesnt flow through the room as it should. although the first zeppelin i had had an exellent throw and dispersion.

i really am confused about this sound issue, and i know that my case is confusing and weird, but if anyone have any comment/suggestion, please do so...

also note: that everytime i try either zeppelin at a store they sound much better then in my home

and if this is the sound of the zeppelin, and that i have been misled by first impressions, then it doesnt sound that good..

anyone thinks the original zeppelin is better sounding than the AIr?..

(or is it a psychological issue with me? Blum 3 )

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RE: Zeppelin air sound problem

If it sounds better in the shop, I would try placing it somewhere else in your room. 

I am the danger. 

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RE: Zeppelin air sound problem

How does it sound with headphones?

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