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Humax Foxsat HDR Remote Codes

OK, here's the problem.  I have just got a Humax YouView box courtesy of BT Vision and wish to use it alongside my Humax Foxsat HDR.   The only problem is that they both work from the same remote control code / frequency.  From what I understand, you cannot change the remote for the YouView box but can for the Foxsat - by pressing 'OK' and '0' on the Foxsat remote together for 5 seconds, you can select one of 6 different codings for it to use - choosing one other than the default ordinarily solves the problem but not for me as I use a One For All URC7960 universal remote.  I am hoping therefore that one of you nice people out there will know the actual remote code numbers (the 4 digit ones) that operate the Foxsat HDR - none of those listed for Satellite STB in the OneForAll manual work.

I emailed Humax three times over the last week with the question but they didn't answer - I subsequently spoke with guy at Humax support who was pleasant enough but ultimately useless as he couldn' give me the answer!  I also contacted OneForAll support via their website but they were similarly useless as all they did was point me at their user manual and I have already been there, done it and failed to get the Tshirt!!

Yes, I know that I can get the OneForAll th 'learn' all the buttons individually but that's really the last resort as it will be a real pain to do it that way given the number of individual buttons involved.

Grateful for any help please.