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freesat box problem

a friend of mine has skyhd and has tried to connect a freesat box to one of the spare connectors on the dish but once he has run the cable to the box when he tries to connect it there is a blue flash of electricity between the end of the cable and the input on the freesat box and the lights on the box goes out.The box works fine when connected to another dish  has anyone got any ideas what the problem could be.

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RE: freesat box problem

Well, one thing I can tell you is that the cable to the head as well as carrying the signal, also carries the operating voltage to power the head.
When connecting such cables, it's best to have both sat tuners not only powered down, but removed from the mains supply as the tuners will still provide voltage to the heads through the cables even when in standby mode.

I have a quad sat head and have no problem at all running a Sky+HD and a Humax FreeSat box simultaneously, feeding different monitors.

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RE: freesat box problem

Thanks i will try it out and let you know how i get on.

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