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Pure Sensia Should I get one

Looking at the reviews they seem very mixed so looking for any forum members who use a Sensia and are happy to give feedback. Can get a new one for £120. so is it worth it ?


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RE: Pure Sensia Should I get one

Suppose, it really depends what you're buying it for, and what you want it to do. Is it going to be your main music source or a kitchen or bedroom radio? £120 is a bragain, I believe these were £249 when they first came out.... nice screen to em' though

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RE: Pure Sensia Should I get one

I have one in the kitchen and I think it's a cracking thing.It has one or two foibles which require a reboot from time to time but generally I am very pleased.Paid £169 on a price match from JL a year ago so £120 is good for a new one.

Are you in a decent DAB reception area cos one or two of the lesser channels struggle for a signal.And  you probably won't stream while the microwave is on (if in a kitchen). Sound quality is great to me,and I find it a very versatile performer.

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RE: Pure Sensia Should I get one

Should be some good deals on the current model as there's a new one on the way. Clickety

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RE: Pure Sensia Should I get one

I have played with this model and the Avanti. The Pure Avanti is far better if you have the room for it. Smile

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