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AM/FM/DAB areal

Hi all, Ive just bought a tunner and I was wondering what would be a good areal to purchase? I have checked my post code and according to many sites that I've been on I have a good reception and I've had no problems getting all the freeview channels. It has to be an indoor areal due to the builing I'm living in (listed builing, first floor). I pressumed that the AM/FM/DAB was the same areal but after doing a little bit of research I'm not too sure anymore. everytime I think I've found a good areal I do a little bit of research on it only to find that it's getting very mixed reviews. 

I've been given the impression that if I get a splitter then I can run the DAB and the AM/FM off of my TV areal, is this true?

I just wanted an areal that was around £40 or under that would give me DAB/AM/FM, if not both then at least one or the other.

Some of the problems I've encoutered in searching for an areal is poor reception according to some, cheaply made, cable not long enough, ugly as sin or they have a magnetic base which I'm not sure about, I don't want it to effect any other components of my system (amp, power amp and CD player). I've looked at flat panel areals with a signal booster that look so good that I'd be happy for them to be on the top shelf of my hifi unit but then just as I'm about to buy I read reviews that contradict one another, I don't know if this is because you have got someone writing the review who is 100 miles away from a tower and hopes to still get a signal because they have spent £30 more on an areal.


Any help would be greatly appreciated and please don't worry about coming across as being patronising as I know nothing about tunners or areals.



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RE: AM/FM/DAB areal

Everything you need to know...


I recommend a professionally installed, rooftop, mast mounted aerial with new double insulated co-axial.

Don't get fobbed off with one of those circular 'omni' aerials.

[EDIT] I just noticed your requirement for indoor aerials.  I can't help you in that case. Sorry. Use internet radio or Freeview radio.

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RE: AM/FM/DAB areal

Thanks for the link chebby but I don't think they will let me put anything on the buliding. My neighbour put a satalite dish on the back of the building last year and when they did the yearly inspection he was told to take it down or lose his flat. When they had to check the slates one year after leaks where reported they had to call in scaffolders due to the height of the roof and from what I was told from an inside source it cost an absolute fortune, they didn't even fix anything.

It would have to be an indoor or connected to the TV aerial.




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RE: AM/FM/DAB areal

What about internet radio?

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RE: AM/FM/DAB areal

Two points to consider here.

Yes, your landlord has a right to be concerned about you poking cables through the roof slates, and can refuse you permission to do that.

There is no prohibition, landlord apart, about (non-satellite) aerials on Listed Buildings, so a small external wall mounted aerial, with cable feed through a small hole in the wall, may be a suitable solution. There are many such small aerials available.

I live in a Listed Building in a sensitive Conservation Area and have aerials for satellite, DTV, FM and DAB, all with no problems.

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