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Region free DVD / BD player



I have to upgrade my disc player, and as I have been travelling quite a bit, I have a rather large collection of DVDs from almost all regions... So I need to find a Blu-Ray player at a reasonable cost (i.e. < 200 €) that allows me to continue to watch all my DVDs. Would you know of any viable solution ?


I have been looking at the following website, and wonder if it is trustworthy : http://www.world-import.com. Apart from the region-free business, they mention PAL / SECAM / NTSC issues, which I thought was no longer an issue nowadays, as most TVs are 'multi-system'. Any constraint I should be aware of ?


Thanks for your help!



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RE: Region free DVD / BD player

In which country are you based? Usual blu ray players come with multiregion DVD options.

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RE: Region free DVD / BD player

A bit daft of me to forget to mention that : I live in France...

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