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yamaha rx-v671 or denon avr1912??

Hi all

i would like to replace my denon avr1909 which i loved!  i'm tempted to buy the avr1912 based on my previous purchase, however, the whathifi review is bettered by the yamaha 671.  (i don't like the look of the onkyo 609 despite its review).

Other sites (mainly american) rate the denon as the best overall.  So, as reviews are so subjective - what are user's opinions on both the denon and the yamaha (more reviews - better impression!)?  has anybody tried out both - are sound differences negligible?  i can't try them out, that's why i'm asking

Many thanks


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RE: yamaha rx-v671 or denon avr1912??

Hi Shane,


I am about to replace my ald Yamaha and have considered two options either Yamaha 671 or Denon avr-1912.

Which one did you choose and what is your expereince with it?


Bests. Vencislav

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