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Pioneer SC-LX86 and Airplay

I'm posting because I wanted to see if anyone else is having the same problem before I start the laborious process of engaging support phone lines (and potentially returning the amp).

I have a problem with Airplay on the Pioneer SC-LX86. In summary the amp will stop presenting itself as an Airplay device on the network after about a week.

If I power off/on the amp at the mains it starts working again.

If I turn network standby off, then turn the amp off normally, turn it back on and then turn network standby back on it will work again for about a week.

The amp is physically wired to the network and has a static IP address. (It had a DHCP address but was changed as a part of my troubleshooting). The network cable has been swapped with another one to eliminate the cable. The amp is at the latest firmware level as per the Pioneer website.

So can anyone think of anything else I can do before I report the problem to the shop I bought the amp from and ask for a swap out or perhaps go for the Yamaha RX-A3020 instead with the hope that the firmware is less flaky?

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RE: Pioneer SC-LX86 and Airplay

I've had a very similar problem with my recevier (Marantz SR7007) but for 99% of the time it's been fine.    I tend to find if you just turn the amp off and back on again or PC/Ipdad etc, it's all fine.  

This link says it's for Denon but the whole process should apply to any receiver.......


Also the above forum is very helpful for advice / troubleshooting.  





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