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iPhone/iPod Docks and connections

On reading various magazines, forums etc, (not just this one) there seems to be some confusing information about docks and systems that claim to connect digitally to the ithing. In some cases this  (mis)information may lead potential purchasers to believe that the connection allows the dock/system to access the digital sound files on the ithing device.Now I know there are very very few docks/systems that actually bypass the ithing's DAC as Apple are fussy about this process. So there are devices that are advertised as having a digital connection which do nothing of the sort and they simply feed the Apple's DAC converted sound files out which is basically an analogue feed.

If you have gone through the lengthy and laborious process of ripping your music to lossless files and then feeding it into a high end system via a dock that does not bypass the Apple DAC it somewhat defeats the point.

I wonder maybe if those in the know could help me compile a list of only those devices that bypass the Apple DAC so as to allow those who want to access their ithing files directly can do and not make a misguided purchase.

I know of the following that bypass the internal DAC


Peachtree iDecco (THis also includes and amp and a nice DAC)

Pure i20 dock (includes a DAC)

Wadia ??? (not sure of model)

onkyo ??? (not sure of model)

Zeppelin Mini (I think) but apparently not Zeppelin big one


I stand to be corrected on any of this of course.