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Motorola moto g

Motorola moto g ------------------ it's getting good reviews has anyone got or tried this phone : Rockout:

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RE: Motorola moto g

Hi matty

I bought this for my daughter a few weeks ago.

Amazing value for money - It's almost as good as the Nexus 4 but a fraction heavier (and probably stronger).  It is missing a few toys compared to the Nexus range but nothing we've ever used (NFC for instance).

Will be udated to the very latest Android shortly after Xmas (according to Google) and is a very fast samrtphone with a brilliantly clear screen.

I'm using the Nexus 5 but wouldn't be too unhappy to use the Moto G.  I doubt you'd regret it.

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RE: Motorola moto g

I got one the other day for my dad via Tesco Direct. I use a Nexus 4 myself. I've been testing it for a few days. 


The moto is very good, really nice bright screen. I  benchmarked my phone with it and the moto got a better score than my Nexus 4!  


Good: screen, speed, weight, should get decent upgrade support as it's a Google company, some nice accessibility functions (good for my 75 year old dad), not much Motorola specific software pre loaded


Bad: Camera isn't very good indoors, on button a little rattly which can be annoying if you have 'vibrate on key press' activated, doesn't come with mains charger


For £99 it's a total bargain, punching well above it's weight.  

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RE: Motorola moto g

I've been looking for a new phone for a little while and I had a quick play with a Moto G in an O2 shop yesterday, certainly does everything I want, it's got as great screen although it could do with more storage, but I can live with it. It's an unbelievable bargain and I'll definitely be getting one in the new year  Smile

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