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Speaker Cables / Interconnects

My system:


Clones Audio 55PM (monoblocks)

Clones Audio AP1 (preamp)

Clones Audio mPSU (Mac Mini power supply)

Schiit Audio Bifrost

2012 Mac Mini (headless audio - 2 internal SSD's)

KEF LS50 (loudspeakers)

Wire World Stratus 5.2 (power cable) / Furutech E-TP60 (power box)

Audioquest NRG-2 (power cables for each component)


I'm in dire need of speaker cables (full range / can't bi-wire), 2 pairs of RCA interconnects (1 pair must be separates / 1 pair can be 2-in-1's). I'd like to stay with Audioquest, but am torn and need advice.

Audioquest recommended their Rocket 88 series. I'm debating between the Rocket 44 and Rocket 88 series - either in 1.5 meter pairs. Curious if anyone has any experience with either and if one is worth it over the other.

Also, for interconnects, they recommended the Mackenzie cables. Anyone use these or 1-2 cables below the Mackenzie?

Lastly, was thinking of getting a Carbon USB A to USB B cable. Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance.

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RE: Speaker Cables / Interconnects

Only advice i can give is on the usb cable.  Providing it meets the USB standard, any should be fine and they'll all do the same job.

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