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Naim / Rega Speaker Cable Conunundrum



I'm currently got a Naim Nait 5i(2) connected to a set of Rega RS3 speakers with some inherited (10 years ago) very sturdy Cable Talk 3.1 cable.  The Cable Talk 3.1 looks very similar to Naim's own Nacas 5 cable in its composition. I've googled it but can't find any definitive perspective on it or any indication as to how much it used to retail for. I'm not in a position at present to spend the £160 or so on a run of Naim's Nacas 5.

I would be willing to invest the £40 or so for something like Carnival Silver Screen or similar if it is widely believed that the Cable Talk 3.1 I'm currently using is not doing my system any favours at all.

Whilst I am broadly happy with how the system is presenting music, there are of course areas where things are lacking in focus/precision, presentation and detail. The extent to which this is a cable thing is of course unknown.

I suppose the main question here is whether anybody has any experience/PoV on the quality or otherwise of Cable Talk 3.1 and in the context of my components above. Everything is streamed by the way (mainly ALAC) via an Airport Express/Arcam rLink DAC.