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Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 184 great gift ideas for music and movie lovers

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 184 great gift ideas for music and movie lovers

Christmas is creeping up fast, isn't it? To help you get those last minute presents, step right this way into the What Hi-Fi? grotto. 

Our Christmas Gift Guide has a treasure trove of ideas – over 180 of them! – that your family and friends are sure to love.

From a new pair of headphones and the latest 4K Blu-ray boxset to terrible nerdy Christmas jumpers and some beautiful vinyl releases – we'll help you find the best Christmas gifts for anyone who's a big fan of music, films and even hi-fi.

Happy shopping!

15 best Christmas gift ideas for vinyl lovers

Got a vinyl lover in your life you need to buy for this Christmas? Well, whether they need something to play their records on, should be taking better care of them or simply enjoy looking at the covers, this list should have something for everybody.

Oh, and there's a cat toy.

12 best Christmas gift ideas for film fans

12 best Christmas gift ideas for film fans

A new 4K Blu-ray boxset. That shiny OLED telly that's just gone on sale. Beautifully framed film posters. LEGO. Hideous novelty jumpers with a cult-favourite film character on it.

Know someone in your life who's a big fan of the movies? This list has oodles of ideas that will put a smile on their face (even if they're a big ol' Grinch).

13 best Christmas gift ideas for music fans

13 best Christmas gift ideas for music fans

A baker's dozen of treats are listed here for the dedicated and discerning music fan. Whether they're into vinyl, hi-res files or streaming music, there's a playground of Christmas gifts to choose from when buying that perfect hi-fi-related present.

From turntables and stereo speakers to guitar tutorials and even a subscription to the world's best hi-fi magazine (*blushes*)  - you'll find something to keep your friend, loved one (or even yourself) happy come Christmas Day.

10 best Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

10 best Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

Buying a present for someone who's always on the move? Lucky for you, there's no shortage of tech-related gifts around to satisfy more adventurous souls.

From noise-cancelling headphones to Bluetooth trackers, portable speakers to smart heads-up displays, these gifts are ideal for the frequent flyer in your life.

10 of 2018's best albums

How about some new music?

This year marked the first ever National Album Day - on Saturday 13th October - and to celebrate the medium's 70-year history, we picked just some of the albums we've loved testing with so far this year.

Here are ten records - from Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Rolo Romassi, Jon Hopkins, DJ Koze, Johnny Marry and more – that prove the album is still the pinnacle of musical expression in 2018. Any one of them (on CD or vinyl) will make a thoughtful present for the music geek in your life.

11 of the best 4K Blu-ray films

There are so many 4K Blu-rays of films past and present coming out - how do you choose which ones to get? Allow us to help.

We've selected a bunch of stellar films - from family-friendly animation to sci-fi films with blockbusting soundtracks - that look and sound amazing in 4K Ultra HD. 

Whether you want to entertain the family during movie night or simply marvel at the cutting-edge picture quality, these are the discs you must have in your film collection.

9 best Christmas gift ideas under £50

Looking for great gifts without emptying out your savings account? These tidbits are all under £50, but you'd never know it. From headphones and tablets to even deluxe vinyl, your loved one will be very happy with one of these under the tree.

8 best Christmas gift ideas under £100

£50-£100 is right in the sweet spot for 'proper' Christmas presents. Not too expensive, and not too thrifty.

You'll want your money to go as far as it can – and these top value-for-money ideas will show you've given plenty of thought to each gift. Tailored specifically for those who care about the quality of their entertainment system, these eight options will delight and entertain in equal measure.

11 best Christmas gift ideas under £200

Go on, spend a bit more. Splash out some extra dosh on an awesome entry-level pair of speakers, or a brilliant budget turntable, or a couple of box sets...

9 best Christmas gift ideas for audiophiles

Audiophiles. That's all of us, right?

If you're a regular reader of What Hi-Fi?, then this is definitely you - or someone you know who's really into their music and the kit they use to listen to it. If you're looking for the best hi-fi kit that will make your music library sound its best, you've come to the right place.

7 albums recorded in strange places

Want to really impress the music nerd in your life with a gift that won't have been lazily picked from the top 40 charts? 

Here are seven albums that were recorded in unusual places for their specific acoustic qualities – namely, a damn fine reverb. Pick one of these, memorise the fun fact behind them, and surprise your friend or loved one with an eclectic new addition to their collection.

10 best Christmas gift ideas for gamers

Red Dead Redemption 2, obviously. But they probably already have that. So what else do you get the hardcore gamer in your life? Get one (or some) of these gadgets to enhance their gaming experience.

10 best Christmas gift ideas for kids

Of course you'll have to buy a techie gadget for your kid(s) this Christmas. But which one to choose? We're here to help you find a gift that will blow your child's impressionable little mind while also passing on a little of your passion for all things AV and hi-fi.

11 best Christmas stocking fillers

Want to fill your loved ones' festive footwear without breaking the bank?

Here we have just the music-, film- and tech-related gifts to cram those super-sized stockings hanging by the fireplace.

9 best Christmas gift ideas for sports and fitness fanatics

Need inspiration for the sports obsessive in your life? Whether they're constantly at the gym or simply love watching all the sports on telly, these tech gifts are bound to make their Christmas.

9 best Christmas gift ideas for people who love their smartphones

From accessories and apps that will enhance your smartphone experience to nifty gadgets and smart home products that you simply can't use without a smartphone – these gift ideas are perfect for those that can't seem to detach themselves from their shiny handsets. You might as well gift them something that keeps them glued to their screens even more.

Gift ideas include the all-important portable battery pack, headphones, a paper airplane, and even a smartphone-controlled smart Mug. Yes, really.

10 best Christmas gift ideas under £500

You must really like whoever you're spending this amount on, mustn't you? Either that or you understand the best presents are the ones you gift to yourself.

Well, whether you're film fanatic or hooked on hi-fi, we have you covered with everything from wireless headphones to floorstanding speakers, 4K Blu-ray players to Award-winning TVs. Some even come in well under budget, so maybe treat yourself to more than one present this year.

10 best Christmas gift ideas for when money is no object

What do you buy for someone who has everything? If the sky's the limit as far as your budget is concerned, take a look at these brilliant products - they're the stuff of hi-fi dreams.

12 best alternative Christmas songs to test your speakers

And finally, as our gift to you, we have put together a dozen of alternative festive tunes – one for each of the 12 days of Christmas – to test whatever hi-fi kit you unwrap on the big day. 

Featuring Tom Waits, Half Man Half Biscuit, Björk, Mogwai and more, this is one playlist you won't be hearing in the high street shops. Enjoy!