10 best Christmas gift ideas for gamers


Gamers are a hard bunch to please. Perhaps hardened by the unforgiving nature of the online battlefield, or maybe those years of unforgettable interactive experiences makes them hard to impress. Either way, a gift for a gamer needs to be carefully chosen.

But help is at hand. We've searched high and low for presents to put a smile on the face of the most hardcore player, particularly if they have a penchant for superior pictures or sound.

Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

Best price £100 at John Lewis

These may not be the very best headphones available for £100, but there’s none better for PlayStation gamers. They connect wirelessly to the console via USB dongle, are comfortable, have an invisible mic for in-game chat, have great range and clarity, and sound punchy and spacious.

You can download game-specific sonic profiles to get a tailored experience for the likes of Uncharted 4, and they even have a decent stab at surround sound (although we prefer them in standard stereo mode). The perfect gift for your PlayStation-playing pal.

Official Xbox One Media Remote

Best price £20 at Amazon

An Xbox One is for more than just gaming - it’s also for movies and TV shows (in 4K HDR in the case of the Xbox One X) via Netflix, Amazon and UHD Blu-rays. This dedicated media remote is far more intuitive and user-friendly than the bundled gamepad.

Super Mario Chess

Best price £40 at Amazon

This Christmas there will be lots of Nintendo fans running out of games to play on their Switches. Satisfy their fanaticism and keep them occupied with one of the cutest, most colourful interpretations of chess yet created.

Yamaha YAS-207

Best price £320 at Exceptional AV

Games are all about immersion and video is only half of the battle. Who wouldn't want surround sound to complement the onscreen action?

So the gamer in your life will be tickled pink to unwrap this superb soundbar, which simulates surround-sound without the need for lots of extra speakers.

Call of Duty: WW2

Best price £48 at Amazon

If you gift one game this year, make it Call Of Duty: WW2. Not only is it a real return to form for the series in terms of gameplay, it’s also the first in the series to be fully optimised for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

There’s full, glorious HDR, resolution that dynamically scales up to 4K and runs at a super-smooth 60fps. As a visual treat, CoD: WW2 is pretty much unbeatable.

PlayStation Controller Cufflinks

Best price £13 on Amazon

Gamers can be pretty tribal, so wear your console affiliation with pride with these cufflinks. One represents the d-pad of the DualShock, while the other has the classic PlayStation symbol buttons. Together, they form the perfect finishing touch to any Sony fan’s tux.

Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

Best price £73 at Amazon

Games take up a lot of storage space, especially in 4K (Gears Of War 4 on Xbox One X is 103GB), so your Xbox or PlayStation hard drive could fill mighty quickly. Time to give your game-loving friend a storage-expanding external disk, such as this Seagate.

It draws power via USB so doesn’t need its own mains connection, and adds tonnes of extra space. You can even go up to 4TB if your recipient is a true hoarder.

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Best price £9 at Amazon

This stocking-filler is a fantastic way to expand the capabilities of an Xbox One. Once plugged in and connected to an aerial, the Xbox is essentially turned into a Freeview HD PVR, making it possible to bookend an episode of Peaky Blinders with sessions on Call Of Duty. Even Humax can’t match that.

Samsung QE55Q7F

Best price £1500 from Currys

Unless you're extremely rich and generous, this is an expensive gift. However, if you're treating the whole family to a new TV this Christmas, no other option is as bright, as vibrant or as responsive as a Samsung QLED.

Switch on Game Mode by uttering those words into the remote’s microphone, and there's no better choice – especially for the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro. It also comes in 49in or 65in versions, if you need something smaller or bigger.

Dark Oak Skin for PlayStation 4

Best price £13 from Amazon

Do you know a PlayStation 4 owner with a taste for the finer things in life? They will appreciate this ‘skin’, which completely changes the appearance of the console.

If dark oak isn’t their style, XtremeSkins sells other alternatives, ranging from “Snakeskin Leather” to “Ultra Marine Gloss”. Xbox owners can get in on the act, too.