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Etymotic Research ETY8 (noise-cancelling) review

Transmit your iPod's sounds to your earphones wirelessly by bluetooth. An intimate, but ultimately unconvincing listen. Tested at £150.00

Our Verdict

We’d feel pretty stupid wearing these ’phones, and the sound isn’t good enough to make us take the plunge, either

Well you certainly get a lot of bits for your bucks with these in-ear, noise-cancelling headphones. The two little blocks contain battery packs and support wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Plug the transmitter in to your iPod – it's an iPod-specific connection – and the kit is instantly connected. A good number of our team are squeamish about the invasive fit, and we're all far from fans of the bulky design.

Sonically, they don't totally convince us, either. It's an intimate, reasonably detailed listen, but for £150 we'd expect a more involving, exciting sound.