• CYP_AUD_150
Our Verdict 
This tempting CYP DAC packs much to like in a functional box
Optical ins and outs
impressive punch and attack
Slight lack of solidity
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Looking through CYP’s catalogue, it’s easy to think that the company builds products primarily designed to serve a technical purpose, rather than sound great. 

However, this is the second CYP DAC we’ve had in for review, and the second with serious sonic credentials.

The AU-D150 has an optical input that can handle music files up to 24-bit and 192kHz and a USB that’s limited to 16-bit 44.1/48kHz, while on the output side you’ve got the expected RCAs and unexpected optical.

So yes, it will convert USB to optical (useful if you’re putting PC audio into a home cinema amp).

If you’re playing CD quality files there’s no huge difference between the optical and USB inputs. 

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Both have impressive punch and attack married to pleasant fluidity and a cohesive soundstage, and that makes for an interesting, exciting delivery with just about any music.

It’s not the most detailed DAC around, and there’s a slight lack of solidity behind the initial punch of each note, but it’s still tempting.

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