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Custom Design RS302 review

The RS302s are not really that well made and can be surprisingly fiddly to assemble Tested at £120.00

Our Verdict

Plenty of detail and clarity, especially with vocals; it’s a shame the build isn’t a little more convincing


  • Lively, dynamic sound with reasonable timing and integration


  • Uninspiring design and build
  • flabby bass
  • lack overall clarity

If there's one thing that makes our otherwise-not-half-bad jobs a tad tiresome, it's assembling kit – the trade-off for getting to enjoy the end product. We didn't expect a pair of speaker stands to cause us too much grief, but the Custom Design RS302s – which come in 130cm and 155cm models, and can be filled to damp down resonances – can be surprisingly fiddly to build.

They're also not particularly well made: paint was flaking off as we tightened the spikes, while the base-plate on one stand was curved when it should have been flat.

However, we were impressed by what they can do for a pair of speakers. They deliver impressive detail, while vocals are clear and expressive. True, up against the class-leaders, the RS302s might lack a little weight and agility with basslines (although previous experience with Custom Design stands suggests that filling them with the company's own inert filler, £5 a bag, really helps), but they nevertheless represent solid value for money.