Best portable speakers


...starting at comfortably less than £100. Every one of our favourite portables is packing wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and umpteen hours of battery life too. Some even allow you to top up your phone's battery if you're running low on juice. Whether you're thinking of taking one to the beach or parking one in your hotel room, we've got you covered.

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Under £100

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

The Roll 2 is louder than the original, but also more open, more dynamic, and has a more detailed sound. A go-anywhere marvel.


Bluetooth | 9-hour battery life | Waterproof

Reasons to Buy
Enthusiastic, full-bodied performance
Clear and detailed
Fluid dynamics and open sound
Great design and easy to use
Reasons to Avoid
Pricier rivals offer greater bass weight

Under £200

Audio Pro Addon T3

It may not be as portable as some, but the Addon T3's extra size works in its sonic favour. 


Bluetooth | 12-hour battery life | USB charging port

Reasons to Buy
Full sound
Good balance
Expressive and dynamic
Faultless build
Reasons to Avoid
Size won't suit everyone

Under £300

Dali Katch

This Dali delivers a smooth and engaging sound with no catch (pun only partially intended).


aptX Bluetooth | 24-hour battery life | USB charging port

Reasons to Buy
Powerful, full-bodied sound
Great sense of timing and dynamics
Long battery life
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this price

Under £400

Vifa Helsinki

Woolly Scandinavian style and substantial sound from this elegant speaker.


Bluetooth aptX | Lithium Ion battery | Wool covering

Reasons to Buy
High volume
Nice bass weight
Good amount of detail
Reasons to Avoid
Sound could have greater dynamic expression
Not as agile as we’d like