Awards 2015

Our annual Awards showcase the best home entertainment products at a range of prices to suit your budgetThis year there are 104 winners in 26 categories celebrating the best tech in the world.

Speaker packages - Product of the year

Best traditional package £1000-£2000

Monitor Audio Bronze B5 AV

"Monitor Audio's Bronze range is back, with a brilliant surround sound speaker package that has raised the bar for its rivals."

Speaker packages - Best Buys

Best traditional package under £1000

Dali Zensor 1 5.1

"Still arguably the best-sounding package available for the money."
Best traditional package £2000+

KEF R100 5.1

"Gorgeous looks, gorgeous sound, gorgeous package"
Best style package under £1000

Tannoy HTS-101 XP

"A fantastic all-round package which loses its predecessor’s glossy shine, but adds extra sparkle in the sound department."
Price is not available
Best style package £1000+

B&W MT-50

"The MT-50 package has all the detail, attack and deftness to deliver exhilaration in spades."
Price is not available