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PMC steps up twenty series production, retires two-way iseries speakers

PMC is responding to customer demand for its twenty series speakers by reallocating production capacity to increase output.

As buyers are moving away from its long-running iseries models to the more recent models, it's bringing to an end production of the two-way 'i' designs, and concentrating efforts on the five-strong twenty series instead.

That means the end of the road for the DB1i, GB1i, TB2i and FB1i, with PMC managing director Miles Roberts saying that 'The two-way iseries products have been stunning performers for us since they were first produced, but sadly now is the right time to retire them from the portfolio.

'The FB and TB models have been in existence for over ten years and there are very few loudspeaker companies that can claim a sustained sales performance for products of this age - which is testament to their supreme design.

'The performance and styling of the twenty series have overshadowed the DB1i, GB1i, TB2i and FB1i, and our customers recognise this and are choosing to buy the new models.'

The other iseries models will continue in production.

Written by Andrew Everard

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