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NEWS: Bush CD/DAB clock radio brings a spot of tactile rubber to the bedroom

You know those presenters who always start an item with "Now I don't know about you, but..." or "If you're like me..."? Well, if you're like us you're probably already sniggering at the implications of a bedside clock radio with a rubberised front panel.

But that's just what Bush is launching, in the form of the £60 DABCR06CDWHT. And it's clearly hoping the 'ooer missus' factor will cover the gasps of shock at a press release beginning "Extending its DAB product range in good time for Christmas sales...". Christmas? Christmas??? Oh well, it is almost the end of July...

Anyway, the new model combines an FM/DAB tuner, with ten presets on each band, a top-mounted CD player and two-line display panel, and it comes in white and silver finish with a pale grey fabric speaker grille. There are both snooze and sleep functions, and the alarm can wake you up to CD, either radio band or a buzzer.

Bush says it's equally at home in the bedroom or kitchen, which might just suggest that rubber fascia is splashproof, too. Cue more sniggering...

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