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Meridian upgrades Reference CD player and surround controller

Meridian has instigated a number of upgrades to its 808 Signature Reference CD player, 861 Reference digital surround controller and DSP7200 digital active speakers.

The latest edition 808 incorporates new components and enhanced technology, as well as a plate commemorating the 30th anniversary of CD. Similar enhancements are made to the 861, which also has a new feature to manage centre-channel height imaging when used with the DSP7200HC speaker.

As for the DSP7200 speaker (right), it gets new DSP music modes and, in the HC (Horizontal Centre) version, a new proprietary psychoacoustically-based Centre Elevation feature to enable adjustment of image height in home cinema applications.

Existing owners will be able to upgrade their products to the new spec with hardware and software upgrades from their local dealer. Further details of the upgrades are available on the Meridian website.

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