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McIntosh MA352 integrated amp boasts 200W of power

McIntosh MA352 integrated amp boasts 200W of power
(Image credit: McIntosh)

McIntosh has launched its second integrated amplifier, the MA352. With an output of 200W, it boasts double the power of its predecessor, the MA252.

The all-analogue design combines the best valve and solid state design principles. The valve preamplifier section is powered by two pairs of tubes: two 12AX7As and two 12AT7s.

Its output stage delivers 200W per channel into 8 ohm speakers, and 320W per channel into 4 ohm speakers.

It totes two balanced and three unbalanced inputs, plus a Moving Magnet phono input for hooking up a turntable. There's also a preamplifier output for connecting power amplifiers, and you can link it to two powered subwoofers.

As you can see, it's built like a tank. The stainless steel chassis is polished to a mirrored finish, and each side boasts vintage McIntosh-styled die-cast aluminium name badges. The logo lights up, and the glass front panel has LED backlighting, so it should look pretty cool in a dark room.

The MA352 goes on sale next month, and costs £8,495.


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