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IsoTek releases 'ultimate' hi-fi set-up disc

Want to make sure your hi-fi is performing at its best? Then this new set-up CD from accessories specialist Isotek could come in handy.

The Ultimate System Set-Up Disc contains 20 tracks designed to test and fine tune your system. They were produced by the Opus3 record label, and each track was created to test specific elements of audio performance.

Tracks 1-12 test stereo and phase, basic speaker positioning, stereo and front-to-back soundstage depth.

Tracks 13 and 14 provide a frequency range test, and the disc then concludes with six music tracks from the Opus3 catalogue, chosen to test timing, atmosphere, soundstaging, dynamics and bass depth.

Those six music tracks include an interpretation of Frank Zappa's Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat by the Omnibus Wind Ensemble, Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor and Eric Bibb's Blues, Ballads & Work Songs.

The Ultimate System Set-Up Disc is available now from IsoTek stockists for £19.95.

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