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Goldmund announces Eidos Reference SACD player, yours for £175,000

Goldmund announces Eidos Reference SACD player, yours for £175,000
(Image credit: Goldmund)

Ultra-high-end Swiss hi-fi manufacturer Goldmund has launched a new SACD player, the EIDOS Reference, costing £175,000. The player takes its name from Plato’s theory of forms and is as high-minded as it is high-priced.

The Eidos Reference can read all current digital disc formats (SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW) and audio data from DVDs. Alongside the dedicated balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs, there’s also a USB input capable of supporting PCM audio up to 384kHz and DoP up to DSD512.

The EIDOS is the consequence of a long-term project researching disc mechanisms at Goldmund's Geneva labs. 

A mechanism from D&M was chosen and integrated into a Goldmund mechanical grounding system. Goldmund says its magnetic damping technology further increases the loader mechanism's rigidity, thus improving sound clarity.

Goldmund has also included all of its technologies that relate to vibration control, power supply regulation, digital conversion and analogue circuitry, in order to extract the best performance possible.

Each Eidos player is handmade in Geneva, weighs a substantial 110kg and comes in either a classic aluminium finish or a new, matt black option. If you’re a discerning music lover with a suitable hi-fi system (and a strong back), this could be your next source.


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