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Deezer HiFi streaming tier gets a permanent price cut

Deezer HiFi subscription tier gets a permanent price drop
(Image credit: Apple / Deezer)

If you're in the market for a music streaming service, Deezer's latest move could be the final nudge you need to sign up.

It has permanently cut the price of its CD-quality Deezer HiFi streaming tier, which sees the cost of a monthly subscription drop from £19.99/$19.99/AU$19.99 to £14.99/$14.99/AU$14.99. When you add up the difference that's quite the saving!

The price drop comes into effect straight away, with all existing HiFi subscribers automatically being shifted to the new monthly fee.

Deezer HiFi gives you access 54 million high-quality tracks in 16-bit, 1411kbps CD-quality across a number of devices, including iOS, Android, desktop, plus various other audio products, from multi-room speakers to AV receivers.

A subscription to Deezer HiFi also opens up access to 360 by Deezer, a dedicated app that allows you to experience tracks encoded in 360 Reality Audio, Sony's immersive audio format.

At the moment, Deezer is currently offering a free 30-day trial so you can take the HiFi tier for a spin and see how you get on before taking the plunge. Well, it would be rude not to...


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