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Clearaudio introduces Magnify tonearm

Clearaudio Magnify tonearm

New from Clearaudio is the Magnify tonearm, available now for £2375.

It uses magnetic arm bearings and "many ideas pioneered in previous Clearaudio designs", the company says.

But the Magnify takes things a step further with a hybrid arm bearing, combining vertical precision ball races with a magnetic horizontal bearing featuring adjustable damping.

The two-piece carbon fibre arm tube incorporates micrometer adjustment of tracking force and azimuth.

The Magnify is terminated with either a RCA junction box or with one metre of Clearaudio Sixstream cable and non-magnetic phono plugs.

It's supplied as standard with a Linn-type mount or can be used with the Clearaudio vertical tracking angle (VTA) adjuster, even during playback.

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