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CES 2012: Jamo returns to Danish design purity, shows curvaceous M360 speakers

Danish speaker company Jamo has just launched a new website, saying that its 'product design recommits its passion and devotion to timeless Danish design, seamless lifestyle integration and balanced audio solutions'.

It has a new lead product designer, Glen Fuller, who says that 'In Danish design, there is a deep respect for function and a genuine interest in the interplay between user implementation and their surroundings.

'By forging decades of Jamo tradition with never-before-seen forms, we intend to garner universal appeal that signifies the brand’s ability to impact listening means and lifestyles.'

To prove the point its room here at CES 2012 features these curvaceous speakers, part of the new M360 series and with an omnidirectional upward firing tweeter/reflector assembly.

Technical details are scarce at the moment, but the plan is clearly to build a complete line-up of speakers for both stereo and multichannel implementations.

These will range from the compact satellite system seen at the top of this story to the striking floorstander seen left, with its sculpted cabinet, multiple mid/bass drivers and again that 'open lid' upward-firing driver.

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